~ A 12 point programme and thread on the best working practices for journalists; giving “a voice” to sex workers and performers.


1. Journalists have a duty and a code of ethics; an oath if you will.

2. It is the *duty* of journalists to provide a platform to marginalised folk; performers and sex workers, when they speak about safer working practices, performer safety and labour rights. Especially when privileged Productions and directors masquerading as ethical who have a much larger platform to discredit and silence criticism (by and from performers and those most affected)

3. Journalists can still have a neutral representation of both sides equally. But when you continue to give a platform and space for ONLY directors and productions to speak on behalf of sex workers, ethics and performers…

4. That infantilises and sets president that performers and sex workers can’t speak on matters and subjects of their own safety.
That sex workers can’t articulate themselves and *need* educated, non sex workers to speak on their behalf.

5. Privileged Directors and Productions companies; please hand over the mic and stop speaking on performers behalf.

6. Others journalists who only purport to speak on the efforts and “happy” side of porn and sex work are again sweeping the experiences and genuine concerns and safety of sex workers and performers for an “acceptable” public image, under the carpet.

7. This does more harm and damage than the good you believe.

8. Sex work and porn are multifaceted. So are other areas of work and so are we are as humans.

9. Accept this, so that we can work to improve what needs *fixing*; learning and growth within our community. Do not respond by sweeping concerns of abuse and unethical behaviour under the carpet.

10. Unfortunately some of the loudest mouths in porn (especially “ethical” porn) are also the ones who silence performers and/or won’t hand over the mic to actual sex workers to speak for themselves and on topics about their lives and livelihood.

11. ATTN! When you are the loudest mouth (and have the biggest platform) in “ethical” & “feminist” porn, instead of taking up space, please hand over the mic to actual sex workers and performers to speak for themselves!

12. A great starting point and resource for journalists is @AmarnaMiller’s; “The responsible guide to talk about sex work in the media”

By Rooster XXX
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