“Reporting a crime; theft, assault, etc, requires a sex worker to out themselves to authorities. If sex work is illegal or a worker can’t comply with the law, then they risk being arrested themselves. This obviously makes sex workers more vulnerable when dealing with anyone who knows what they do”.


Fundraising for: Oluwaseun Abdul Rufai Ajala

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Fundraising for:
Oluwaseun Abdul Rufai Ajala

Seeking justice and legal support for sexual assault. I’m seeking justice for sexual assault.

1st goal: £5,000. • 2nd goal: £20,000. Final goal: £50,000

I was sexually assaulted, harassed and maliciously outed by my employer; Ms Barbara SOUMET-LEMAN.

Please help and support me to raise funds to cover my legal costs and to seek justice.
Here: CashApp in £GBP or $USD,   Here: PayPal in £GBP, $USD, €EUR and all other currencies.

The company CEOs; Erika “Lust” Hallqvist and Pablo Dobner have decided to align themselves and publicly support my abuser; my former employer, and erase my experience. This is very disappointing behaviour on their part; as prominent and vocal campaigner’s for Feminism and the #MeToo movement.

And despite my best attempts to deescalate the situation and find alternative means and solutions to address the matter, they have side stepped my assault and chosen to erase my experience, despite the evidence that proves that; unfortunately this isn’t the first incident by my former employer of boundary and consent violations. She has displayed this type of abusive behaviour prior.

My story and experience of abuse is one out of others to have been swept under the rug by this company.

Please help support victims. Please help to support male and non binary victims; Victims who are more likely NOT to vocalise or express their assault and abuse due to societal pressures and stigma. Here: CashApp or Here: PayPal

#TimesUp #BELIEVEHER #MeToo #BelieveSurvivors

This is currently being investigated by the police and authorities.

Unfortunately as a freelancer; www.rufaiajala.com, I am not in the same financial position as the opposing parties to have access to the financial means and legal counsel to seek justice for being sexually assaulted. Unlike my former employer; Ms Barbara SOUMET-LEMAN, who due to her financially privileged position; working as a senior exec for Apple Inc, France. She has been able to threaten me legally from sharing my experience and seeking justice through the relevant authorities. Your help will enable me to push and seek justice.

My primary engagement and legal proceedings is against my former employer.

But circumstantially the company CEOs have chosen to be accomplices in enabling this behaviour from my former employer, by silencing the experience of unethical behaviour despite the opposing evidence. They have silenced my story and experience and they manage a very powerful company.

Please help support & protect victims who are vocal about their experiences and companies who try to bury and silence their voices, and bring justice for sexual assault victims.

I have already spent £5000+ of my finite resources on very helpful, supportive and competent Lawyers and my Legal team; David Allen Green (Civil) & Myles Jackman (Criminal) to disprove the false claims of defamation and harassment my abuser threatened me with for being vocal about being abused and assaulted.

• Evidence trumps false claims •

My legal team and I will now pursue claims against the opposing party/parties of:
— Sexual Assault (Tort against a person)
— Gross Negligence of an Employer  
— Breach of Contract (Doxxing/Outing)


• 1st goal: £5,000. Initial legal fees. Help with travel to France and Spain where the crimes were committed, to speak with my Lawyers and the Police.

 2nd goal £20,000. Kickstarting and proceeding to court; Basic legal fees.

 Final goal £50,000. Filing proceedings against the company CEOs for Breach of Contract & Gross Negligence of an Employer. And wrapping up Court proceedings, and any additional expenses occurred.

Please help support me here: CashApp or here: PayPal by donating & contributing anything you can. And please share this link with your networks. Thank you.


Legal Proceeding — Former Employer; Ms Barbara SOUMET-LEMAN

Legal Proceeding — Company CEOs;  Erika Lust Films



  • March 2019

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