Performer’s Safety and Ethics — Setting Industry Standards
Berlin Porn Film Festival Panel Discussion

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“Hello Rooster” is a non-binary performer of colour. They have worked with; Bright Desire, Ersties, Pornhub, Erika Lust Films & Allie Oops.

After being sexually assaulted on an Erika Lust set; a feminist and “safe” porn set, with little to no structure for accountability or managing sexual violence after the fact, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Rooster started advocating for better working standards, safer conditions and labour rights for performers and crew. They are an educator and panellist on a consent, ethics and a sex educator.

Being an intersectional feminist, they believe in the power of porn and sexuality that intersects and prioritises ethics and strives for better ethical working standards and practices. Porn that doesn’t dismiss performer and crew safety in the process of its production.

They worked as a consultant and one of the active Co-Authors of the Guidelines for Ethical Porn & Model Bill of Rights for Erika Lust Films.

They were once part of the collective Sluts4sluts — a collective that tried to centre survivors, queer, trans and non binary voices and performers of colour, working in porn and sex work.

— Past Speaking Engagements: 

Toronto International Feminist Porn Film Festival, La Fete Du Slip, Shorts On Tap, Berlin Porn Film Festival.

Here are tools to consider to make your sets more ethical; covering — Legal Contracts, Sexual Health, Consent Forms. (video series coming soon).

  • Pre Shoot
  • During Shooting
  • Post Shoot – Cool Down

“Hello Rooster” has appeared and worked on projects for; CNN, BBC, Rolling Stones, Vice, Goldsmiths University, University of the Arts London and others.

They also work as a Filmmaker, Lighting Technician and Cinematographer. See their work here and their non erotic work here.

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