Believe ALL Survivors

There are 3 ways beside financial help to support me:


Share my story on social media | #BelieveALLSurvivors. Please help support victims of marginalised identities.

Join my online protest by signing my petition ( |Email Erika Lust Films, Comment on their Social media; Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Let them know it’s unethical to profit off the visual record of someone’s rape and sexual assault.

Donate to help me fundraise to seek justice.



Email from Olympe de G


This email is evidence Hello Rooster’s collaboration with Olympe de G was professional and not affected in any way by a romantic relationship.

Architecture Porn


This movie is evidence of the sexual assault; the above stated sexual boundaries being breached and Hello Rooster’s safe sign being ignored by Olympe de G.

Email from Erika Lust Films CEO


This email is evidence of the production company knowing about the assault and brushing it off as a private issue between Hello Rooster and Olympe de G.

Email from Parker Marx


This email is evidence of a pattern in the behaviour of Olympe de G: abusing her position as a director on a movie set to breach performers’ boundaries.

Letter from Olympe’s lawyer


This letter is evidence of Olympe de G’s lawyer acknowledging and outlining Hello Rooster’s sexual boundaries. There is visual evidence of those boundaries being violated.