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Risque Alphabet: C is for Consent

In this first episode of a Risqué Alphabet, Sophie hands the microphone to Hello Rooster to discuss consent. The information below has been shared by Hello Rooster to help you go further in your reflection on consent.

“When thinking about consent, there are some things to consider that will help you. These are tools that have definitely helped me expand my knowledge and thoughts regarding consent and sexual boundaries.

Triangle of consent: Communication, Power and Agency.

If we deal with sexual consent like we deal with consent in every day life and activities.

Sex menu: This Is Insider|Refinery29, Boundary lists & User manual.

• Traffic light of consent by @alex.der.matis
“I don’t see consent as an on-n-off switch. I see it as a spectrum of green, yellow and red, with infinite shades in-between.”